Club and Competition Rules

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 Club Rules


A1 The Club shall be known as Photofold Camera Club and shall be open to all with an interest in photography.

A2 Membership of the Club implies the undertaking to abide by the rules.

A3a The annual subscription shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting.

A3b New members shall be allowed to attend as visitors for any three out of four consecutive weeks. They will then be asked to join the Club and such attendance charges shall be deducted from the subscription due.

A3c Submission of photographs into club competitions shall imply the agreement of the author to permit the club and it’s Officers to use such images for promotional purposes and to enter such photographs into external competition with other clubs and to display such photographs (with watermark) on the club’s web-site as they see fit. Images may be adjusted to suit projection or website requirements.

Authors may by giving notice to the Secretary withhold such agreement for all of their entries.

A4 The Officers shall consist of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Secretary, Programme Secretary, Internal Competition Secretary and External Competition Secretary.

A5 The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee comprised of the Officers and up to five members elected at the Annual General Meeting.

A6 All Officers and members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election each year.

A7 Special General Meetings may be convened by a requisition signed by at least 10% of the ordinary membership, stating the object and sent to the Secretary at least fourteen days before the date proposed.

A8 At Committee Meetings, five committee members shall form a quorum. At Annual and Special General Meetings, a quorum of 25% of the membership will be sufficient.

A9 The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings and shall conduct the correspondence of the Club.

A10 The Club shall deposit all monies in a Bank or Building Society, this account needing one signature for deposits and two for withdrawals. In the case of internet banking, only the Treasurer’s input will be necessary. The Treasurer to advise the Chairman or Secretary by e-mail of his intentions and the reasons for the payment. 

A11 A member may be expelled or asked to leave the Club at the discretion of the Committee. Any member thus expelled shall have the right to appeal at a Special General Meeting called by the Secretary for this purpose. All Committee Meetings and Special General Meetings called under this rule shall be treated as privileged and confidential.

A12  No alteration or addition to these rules shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting, or at a Special General Meeting called by the Secretary in accordance with rules A7 & A8.

A13 Should the active membership of the Club at any time fall to a point that the Officers of the

Club consider there is no point in the Club continuing it’s programme of activities, then the Secretary shall call a special Winding-up Meeting of the remaining Club Members. The Secretary shall give at least fourteen days notice of the date of the meeting. Those Club Members attending shall be considered a quorum.

If it is the decision of the meeting that the Club should cease its activities, then the following shall take place:

a) The affairs of the Club shall be wound up and the assets disposed of as provided for in rule A(13)(b) below. For the purpose of winding up the Club’s affairs and the disposal of the Club’s assets, the Club’s Officers shall act as Trustees and the Club’s assets shall be vested in the Trustees.

b) The remaining assets of the Club, after settlement of all outstanding debts, shall be retained by the Trustees for a period of six months to allow attempts to be made to re-form the Club. After six months, if the Club has not been re-formed, all equipment and other assets shall be sold and the proceeds, together with any cash, Bank or Building Society deposits. given to a charity or charities of the Trustees choice. The charity or charities chosen shall be those which benefit mankind in the Billericay area.

B                            Competition Rules


(1) The General Rules apply to all competitions and exhibitions organised by the Club, unless otherwise stated.

(2) In these rules:

“Club” means the Photofold Camera Club.

“Photograph” means a print (either monochrome or colour) or digital image.

“Digital Image” means an image contained on digital medium that has originated from photographically produced negatives, slides or a digital camera.

“Year” means the club’s year from September to the following June/July as stated in the club’s programme.

Words implying the male gender apply equally to female members of the club.

(3) All club competitions are open to members who have paid their subscriptions in full for that year. All negatives/slides or digital images used to produce entries must have been exposed by the member (author).

All print competition entries shall have been mounted by the author.

(4) The entry fees for the club competitions shall be fixed by the committee and such fees must be paid at the same time as entries are handed to the Internal Competition Secretary.

(5) All entries must be submitted to the Internal Competition Secretary at least 1 week before the date of the competition unless other arrangements have been agreed in advance.

(6) Competitions will start promptly at 8.00 p.m.

(7) Except as otherwise stated in these rules, the Committee shall be entitled to ask any person whom they consider to be suitably qualified to judge the competitions.

(8) The decision of the Competition Judge shall be final.

(9) While the Club will endeavour to take every care of photographs or digital images submitted forcompetition or exhibition neither the Club nor its Officers will be liable in any way for loss of, or damage to, such photographs or digital images.

(10) These Competition Rules may only be altered by a general meeting of the Club or by a full Committee meeting or quorum.

(11) If it appears to the Committee at any time that a member has wilfully broken the competition rules, such member will be disqualified from the competition and/or their entry will be refused.

(12) In view of the on-going impacts of the current COVID-19 pandemic the Committee agreed that it would not be possible to hold Print competitions during the 2020-21 season.  The following Print competitions will therefore be run in DPI format in the 2020-21 season.

  • Photofold Print Trophy
  • The Ramsden Portfolio Cup
  • The Jakes Trophy (Prints)

Accordingly for the 2020-21 season only, there will be 2 DPI competitions.  The original DPI competition runs from 6th October until 9th February and the 2nd DPI Competition replacing the Print Competition runs from from 23rd February until the end of the season.

All references to Print Competitions in the Club Rules now relate to a second DPI competition 

Therefore meetings will remain on Zoom until further notice,


(1) The Club will hold a minimum of four and a maximum of six competitions each year for prints and a similar number for digital projected images. Colour prints and monochrome prints will be judged as one category.

There will be 2 sections as follows:

Monochrome and Colour Prints Digital Projected Images

Each competition will comprise two elements, Regular and Jakes Trophy.

 The Regular competition is open to all members but the Jakes Trophy competition is only open to those members who have not achieved a placing of 1st in a Regular competition at any time, but can enter if they have received such a placing in the Jakes Trophy.

The competitions for prints and digital images will be held at separate meetings.

These competitions are on an Open Theme unless otherwise decided and publicised by the Committee.

Unless decided and publicised by the Committee, the maximum number of entries per author will be four for either the Regular or the Jakes Trophy. The total of 4 entries may be spread over both competitions but the same image cannot be shown in both on the same evening.

If a member wins 1st place in a Regular competition whilst also entering the Jakes’ Trophy they will be permitted to continue entering the Jakes Trophy for the remainder of the year but will be excluded from the following year.

At the year end the members taking 1st   places for Prints and DPI in the Jakes Trophy will only be eligible for the Regular Competitions from the next season.

The present points system will also apply to Jakes Trophy

Competition entries will normally be appraised by a judge from the E.A.F panel who will be asked to give helpful criticism of each entry.

The scores will count towards each entrant’s aggregate for the season as defined in B2.7.

Rules laid down elsewhere in this document for print and digital entries also apply to entries for Jakes Trophy competitions.

It is the responsibility of the member to ensure the Competition Secretaries are made aware in which competition the entries are to be shown.

(2) Each year the final competition in each category will be entitled “Bill’s Choice” and entries must be new work and should not have been previously entered in any form either into a club competition or as a representative of the club in any inter-club competition.

(3) For Titled or Themed competitions, the entries must be appropriate to the subject. Open competition entries may be of any subject.

(4) No image (print or digital image) may be entered more than twice, irrespective of format. Images found to be in breach of this rule, whether before or after the competition, may be disqualified.

(5) Computer manipulated images are acceptable provided that they originate from photographically produced negatives, slides or from digitally recorded images taken by the author who must hold the copyright of these originals. The author must hold copyright to ALL parts of the final image.

Computer generated imagery is not considered photographic and so is not acceptable.

Note: This rule follows that for the East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies annual exhibition.

(6) The judge will be asked to select the best images in the competition for which marks will be awarded as follows: First place: 5 points

Second place: 4 points

Third place: 3 points

Highly Commended: 2 points

Commended: 1 point

(7) The points awarded to each author’s highest placed entry in each competition will be recorded throughout the year and each author’s four highest marks in each section will be totalled. At the end of the year the author with the highest total in each section will be awarded the appropriate Photofold trophy.

In the event of a tied result the winning author will be the one with the highest number of 1st places or (1st plus 2nd plus 3rd as necessary).

The author with the highest aggregate score for prints and digitally projected images (as calculated above) will be awarded the “Photographer of the Year” trophy

B3.                            PRINT COMPETITIONS

(1) In all competitions the minimum print size is 320 square centimetres (50 square inches). The prints must be mounted on card which can be of any shape or colour provided it fits within the boundaries of a 40cm x 50cm (15.75″ x 19.7″) rectangle (These sizes conform with those of E.A.F competitions). Framed prints will not be accepted.

(2) All prints must carry on the back the author’s name and the title of the print. The authors name must not appear on the front of the print.

Additionally, entries for Jakes Trophy must have the words “Jakes Trophy” written after the print title. Any entries not so designated will be entered in the Regular Competition.

(3) The Competition Secretary will affix a label to the back of each print to identify into which competitions it has been entered and the result. These labels should not be removed.

(4) No more than 4 prints may be entered by an author in any competition, unless decided and publicised by the committee. These prints may be in any combination of monochrome or colour.

(5) For one competition a year the maximum image size will be A4. Rule B3(1) will apply.

B4.                      DIGITAL PROJECTED IMAGES

(1) All image file entries must be submitted on a USB Memory Stick as individual images NOT in a folder.

The memory stick used must be the type obtained through Photofold.

There must not be any other folders, previous images or software on the memory stick.

(2) All image file entries should be in .jpg format.

(3) The recommended (not mandatory) image size is 1600 x 1200 pixels.

(4) All image file entries to be titled and authored as per guidance.

See Naming Files for Competitions at the end of these competition rules. Entries not complying with this format will not be shown in the competition.

(5) An author may not submit more than 4 images in each competition unless decided and publicised by the Committee. An author entering the maximum 4 images must append the character “4” at the end of the title of their least favoured image. This is to denote to the Competition Secretary that, in the event of there being too many overall entries for that competition, this is the entry that will be excluded.

B5.                    PORTFOLIO COMPETITIONS

(1) There will be 2 portfolio competitions during each year as follows:

Prints          Digital Projected Images

(2) Competitors must enter a portfolio of 3 prints or digital images on a theme of their own choice. The same set of images cannot be entered in both the Print Portfolio and the DPI Portfolio.

(3) The theme must be declared to the Internal Competition Secretary, and will be announced to the judge.

Each portfolio will be judged separately as an entity.

The judge will award points on photographic merit as well as relevance to the subject and declared theme.

(4) PRINTS are to be shown as follows:

The individual prints will be shown at the same time.

If they are to be shown in a particular order to reflect the theme they should be marked on the back as follows:

“A”  – to be shown on the left

“B”  – to be shown in the centre

“C”  – to be shown on the right

DIGITAL IMAGES are to be shown as follows:

In addition to the three themed images of a panel, authors must submit a composite image showing the three images in their panel format. This will be shown before the three individual images in order that the judge may assess the relevance of the theme title.

Digital Images must be named as follows, (assuming maximum of 3 portfolios are entered):

All files must be in  .jpg format

PANEL 1: Composite : Author name(space)P1(space)-(space)S1(space)Theme Title

Author Name(space)P1(space)-(space)S2

Author Name(space)P1(space)-(space)S3

Author Name(space)P1(space)-(space)S4

PANEL 2: Composite : Author name(space)P2(space)-(space)S1(space)Theme Title

Author Name(space)P2(space)-(space)S2

Author Name(space)P2(space)-(space)S3

Author Name(space)P2(space)-(space)S4

PANEL 3: Composite : Author name(space)P3(space)-(space)S1(space)Theme Title

Author Name(space)P3(space)-(space)S2

Author Name(space)P3(space)-(space)S3

Author Name(space)P3(space)-(space)S4

Photographs that are not so marked will be shown in any order at the discretion of the Internal Competition Secretary, whose decision shall be final.

(5) A maximum of 3 portfolios may he entered in any one section, and the appropriate trophy will be awarded to the single entry gaining the most points.

(6) Images entered into the portfolio competitions are not subject to rule B2(4) and points awarded in the portfolio competitions will not count towards yearly totals as defined in B2(7).



B6.                  CLUB COMPETITION AWARDS

PHOTOFOLD Print Trophy

Awarded to the author with the highest aggregate score in Print competitions throughout the year.


Awarded to the author with the highest aggregate score in the Digital Projected Image competitions throughout the year.


Awarded to the Photographer of the Year in the General Section as defined in B2(7).

The DIGITAL IMAGE Portfolio Trophy

Awarded to the winner of the Digital Image Portfolio competition.

The RAMSDEN Portfolio Cup

Awarded to the winner of the Print Portfolio competition.

The JAKES Trophy

Trophies awarded to the winners of the print and digital Jakes Trophy competitions.

Members can enter both Bill’s Choice and Jakes Trophy or other club competition on the same night but not with the same images.

B7.                    ANNUAL EXHIBITION AWARDS

Monochrome and Colour prints will continue to be two separate categories for the Annual

Exhibition Awards

Monochrome images include the following:

Black & White and Monochromatic images.

Black & White images that have been modified by the addition of a single tone to the entire image.

Colour includes all images except those defined above:

An image that has been modified by the addition of partial toning or one colour to any part of the image is a colour print.

The following trophies will be awarded by a judge from the E.A.F. panel, either at the Club’s annual exhibition or at a special competition arranged by the Committee (should there be no annual exhibition).

These competitions shall be open to all paid-up members of the Club.

No entry shall have been previously entered to an Annual Exhibition, but entries may have been seen in Club competitions.

No author may enter the same image in more than one format.

The WHITEAR Trophy

Awarded for the best Colour Print with a minimum size of 18cm x 13cm (7″ x 5″) and a maximum mount size of 50cm x 40cm (19.7″ x 15.75″).


Awarded for the best Monochrome Print with a minimum size of 18cm x 13cm (7″ x 5″) and a maximum mount size of 50cm x 40cm (19.7″ x 15.75″).


Awarded for the best Digital Image


Awarded for the best Natural History Digital Image. The judge will decide which images fall into this category.


Awarded for the most original Digital Image.


Awarded to the author of the Monochrome or Colour Print which gains the most votes at and during the Annual Exhibition.

The voting slips will be available at the Exhibition and all visitors with the exception of club members will be invited to vote for their personal choice.

The author of the winning print will be announced at a regular Club meeting shortly after the Exhibition.

B8.                          TROPHIES and CUPS

All Trophies and Cups listed in these rules are the property of the Club and shall be held by the winner for one year. General Club Trophies will normally be presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.

Exhibition Trophies and Cups will normally be presented at the Annual Exhibition.

Naming of files for competitions

It is recommended that the file you wish to submit for competition is a copy.

Use the FILE, SAVE AS command and prepare to save the file in jpg format.

The file name MUST include your name and the image title in the following format: Joe Bloggs[space]-[space]Image Title

Entries not so named will not be shown.

The club’s software has been updated and will now read the title (for projection) from the file name detail and also pick up the author as necessary.

In accordance with Rule B4(5) the 4th image submitted for a competition should be titled             Joe Bloggs(space)-(space)Image Title4

In the event that it is not necessary to delete all such 4th images from a competition the Competition Secretary will remove the “4” from the title so that it is not projected.

If 4th entries are not so annotated, and it is necessary to limit overall competition numbers, then it will be at the discretion of the Competition Secretary as to which of the author’s entries is excluded.

For Jakes Trophy Entries the .jpg format is still required and the title line must be shown as:

Joe Bloggs Jakes Trophy(space)–(space)Image Title

Entries not so named will be entered in the Regular Competition.

Revised April 2020