March Outing

Dartmoor Outing Trip Report

Wednesday 22nd to Saturday 25 March 2017

Eleven of us went to Dartmoor and we had a great time, both photographically and socially.

The journey down was fine, few hold ups and for my group a very pleasant pub lunch. Another member sent a a message about their meal at a Service Area ” at Salmonella services”.

Arriving at the hotel we found that there had been a major storm the day before and there were no phones or internet connection. But the rain had stopped so we went straight out to Wistman’s Wood. It is a great location with moss covered ancient trees but very difficult to get an original shot. I managed to tread on a very solid looking moss covered area by the river and managed to sink my right foot in a hole about two feet deep. But that is what we do to get a good shot. The weather was clear that night so after dinner some of us went back out to do some astro photography under the supervision of Dave Hussey. A very full and satisfying day.

On the Thursday the weather was reasonable in the morning so we went to Dewerstone Valley and photographed a lot of waterfalls. Then the rain came down and only the hard hearted carried on photographing at Lydford Gorge. Friday was grey and miserable so we decided to go to Plymouth for the day. Plymouth was Plymouth and some of us retreated into the Aquarium.

We couldn’t find inspiration for a whole day so some of us went to Becky Falls and found some ponies on the way back. During the trip we had two casualties, one with a dislocated arm. Something to do with an injured sheep. And another hurt his leg when he fell in the rocks at Becky Falls. Both seemed to be well on the way to recovery and as I said earlier this is what we do to get a good shot.

The last evening was great and some of us had a little too much beer and wine.

Ray Waters


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