August 2019 Outing (2)

Newhaven Trip

Saturday 10th August 2019

Having seen a weather forecast that predicted winds of up to 55mph from the south west for Saturday 10 August, I decided that now would be a good time to visit Newhaven on the south coast to photograph the waves. I checked the tides and, as luck would have it, high tide was due at 07.35 shortly after sunrise. High tide was necessary as I wished to photograph storm waves breaking over the jetty and the lighthouse. All the omens were good.

Rather than go alone I extended an invitation to fill my car with some other club members for an early morning visit, leaving Billericay at 6.00 am. Colin, Jim and Linda Skaret were my fellow early risers. After an uneventful drive (apart from the car on its roof on the opposite carriageway) we duly arrived at Newhaven beach car park to be greeted by howling winds, abundant sea spray and the immediate sight of large waves breaking over the jetty. We all took a deep breath and stepped out of the car, hanging on to the doors so that they weren’t blown off their hinges, and donned our inclement weather gear. We then had a couple of hours wild weather experience, observing the waves and trying to take photographs that did them justice. Tripods were used but we had to hang on to them so they were not blown over. The sea spray was the main obstacle to overcome. Looking at all our images on the back of our cameras confirmed that all we seemed to have captured was hundreds of blurry grey images. We clearly had a few hours of post processing, and much use of the dehaze filter ahead of us if we were to do the waves justice.

After 2 hours we were all as salty as our cameras and lenses. We decided we needed a coffee and retired to The Hope Inn just behind the car park.

Later we drove to Seaford a few miles further along the coast and had a bracing sea cliff walk to further observe the waves approaching the Seven Sisters cliffs.

We returned home by 5.00 pm to spend time post-processing our images, hosing down our salt-caked tripods and carefully washing our cameras.

Steve Stringer (Deputy Chairman)

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