May 2019(2) Outing

Osprey Hide Rutland Outing

Monday 13th May 2019

Four of us went to the River Gwash Trout Farm in Rutland on 13th May and then again on 10th June.

It is expensive (£75 for four hours)The hide has 6 chairs and you all have a good space.

The first trip was much better because the weather needs to be good. If you are lucky you may get an Osprey coming down to get a fish in about 10 seconds. And maybe a second one, but you do have to wait a long time. And you have to be very quick to focus and frame the shot whedn the ospreys come down. We did better on the first trip and there were other birds to photograph – herons, little egrets, red kites and kingfishers, though some were a long way away.

On the second the weather was poor. After an hour an osprey came down but it came very close to the hide and most of us didn’t get a good shot.

Then the rain came down and as the time went on the rain got heavier. Two ospreys flew round for a while but they didn’t come down.

It is a popular outing but of course quite expensive.

But there are some very potential good shots.

Best Wishes,

Ray Waters


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