May 2019 Lake District Outing

Photofold Camera Club Trip to the Lake District 1st to 7th May 2010

For the club’s annual multi-day trip this year we chose Ambleside in Cumbria. This is an excellent central venue for exploring the central and southern lakes and also has the advantage of many hotels, guesthouses and restaurants. 11 of us travelled north on the morning of Wednesday 1 May (after club night on Tuesday) in 5 cars and stayed in 5 different hotels (no one hotel could cope with 11 single bookings).

We were very lucky with the weather for the whole week. Unlike the usual Cumbrian weather it rained very little, was reasonably warm (except for one windy and cold early morning trip!), and had varying degrees of photogenic cloud cover.

Although all participants were free to go their own way, so long as they had access to a car and driver, we tended to visit venues together and then wander off in different directions making our own interpretation of a scene. The venues we visited are too numerous to detail here but included:

  • Lakes (of course!)
  • Tarns (small lakes)
  • Waterfalls
  • Caves
  • Disused quarries
  • Numerous traditional viewpoints
  • A Neolithic stone circle
  • Bluebells all over the place
  • Townend a 17th century farm house (National Trust)

Highlights of our travels were:

  • An exciting 1 ½ journey over Wrynose and Hard Knott passes in 2 cars experiencing hairpin bends, 25 degree slopes and stunning views. Allan had to shut his eyes at some points as he suffers from vertigo (I should mention that he was a driver!)
  • The sighting of an otter at Wastwater (the first I have seen in 40 years of visiting the Lakes).
  • An idyllic early morning visit to Loughrigg Tarn in near perfect photographic conditions (they were so good we abandoned plans to return to our hotels for breakfast and went elsewhere)
  • A number of restaurants were frequented in the evenings when we discussed that day’s adventures and plans for tomorrow. In one of these we cooked our own steaks on hot stones.
  • Various pubs in various locations were visited at lunchtime to ensure we experienced the numerous beers and ciders that are on offer in Cumbria.

The trip was most enjoyable providing: numerous photo venues; opportunities to learn new techniques from each other; time to socialise and hundreds or thousands of images to be worked on when we returned home (maybe some competition winners?).

As always on one of these trips we all enter our best images into a competition to be judged by another club member. On this occasion there will be up to 55 entries which you can view on this website to see what you missed.

Steve Stringer

Deputy Chairman

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