June Outing

Gravesend Trip

On Monday 26 June a select group of 5 visited Gravesend. We were due to be 7 but one of our party, plus his wife, was unable to stay long enough to meet up with us.

The name of the town does not sound very inspiring but we were pleasantly surprised. We parked our cars in Tilbury and caught the ferry as foot passengers to take us across the Thames. After a much needed coffee we strolled to the Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara Sikh temple. This is an impressive building erected in 2006 at a cost of c£15m. Much time was spent outside using wide-angle lenses to try to capture the full effect of the whole building. Speaking to the local Sikhs we were made very welcome and encouraged to go inside the building and continue to take photographs. Indeed after touring the temple, wearing appropriate headgear, we were treated to a light lunch in the community restaurant.

After this visit we then headed for the Three Daws public house for our originally planned luncheon venue. With the aid of a drink or two we were able to eat an additional light lunch.

Having recovered from our two lunches we decided to walk around a derelict industrial estate for some local dilapidated building scenes. By now it was becoming rather warm so before heading back to our ferry we all settled down for an ice-cream.

It may seem that we spent most of the day eating but we did take some photos as well. Honest.

Stephen Stringer

Deputy Chairman

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